Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 10 EOC: Guido Heffels

Guido Heffels, who is 47 is the owner, creative director and one of the co-founders of HEIMAT. In the second year of its existence, the advertising agency established at the end of 1999 was named Newcomer Agency of the Year. In all the latest german creative rankings the 150+ agency reaches 3rd place. Clients include Swisscom, Hornbach DIY, Adidas, Der Stern,Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, CNN International, McKinsey, REWE, Burger King,OTTO and Fonic (O2). Guido has judged all international advertising shows. He is member of the german ADC and the D&AD. Since 2012 HEIMAT has an additional office located in Hamburg. Guido Heffels lives in Berlin. He has a son, but not a dog. And he most definitely doesn’t play golf.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 9 EOC: Creative Contrast

Week 9 EOC: Art and Copy - Key Person

Mary Wells was a Doyle Dane Bernbach alum, and she talks engagingly about how the "I (Heart) New York" campaign was born and what it took to convince staid Braniff International Airways to sign onto the "end of the plain plane" promo.Dealing with reluctant clients who don't have the faith in their product that the admen do is one of "Art & Copy's" recurrent themes, but it's never related with as much brio as when another New Yorker, George Lois, and his client, designer Tommy Hilfiger, disclose their history. She managed to grab the attention of millions and truly move them. Visually interwoven with their stories, TV satellites are launched, billboards are erected, and the social and cultural impact of their ads is brought to light in this exploration of art, commerce, and human emotion. The film does not tout “trashy” advertising, but rather sought to gather insights from the greatest advertising minds of the last 50 years. Director, Doug Pray, describes these great minds as fiercely independent mavericks.

Week 9 EOC: Trends in TV

Nowadays, you can use applications on your television instead  of cable. As the cost of videos screens falls, the demand for content mobility will rise exponentially. With a smartphone serving as the nerve center for the screen world, content will be able to follow a consumer from device to device, location to location. Although content mobility creates a number of back-end headaches, it also creates new opportunities for ad impressions, provided they are properly targeted and calibrated for a multi screen lifestyle.

Prices on 4K, or ultra high-definition, TVs dropped significantly in the back half of 2016. And looking at the lineups from TV manufacturers for 2017, it's clear that all but the least expensive, or very smallest, TVs will now be 4K sets. It may actually be hard to find a large 1080p set later this year.

Trends in Television contains data for the audience to total TV covering average daily hours of viewing and average weekly reach for 11 audiences, homes universes by platform, trends in audience share for 20 broadcast groups (those with 4 or more channels) and trends in share of impacts (individuals) by sales house.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Analysis of Project in the Real world

'The 2016 Dodge Charger is bold, muscular and loaded with heritage. If you're shopping for family sedan transportation that's also plenty of fun, the Charger may be just the right car for you. V8 engines deliver big-time power and authentic muscle car attitude.Controlled and secure handling when going around turns. Many available options provide plenty of opportunity for personalization. Available all-wheel-drive traction for wet weather. Touchscreen tech interfaces are easy to use." These are all great things to have. This car is a lot of fun, family friendly, a lot of power, secure turns, is very safe and easily personalized. "For 2016, the Dodge Charger SRT 392 and SRT Hellcat models get upgraded interior leather and HD radio as standard, while the Blacktop Appearance package returns for the SXT and R/T. A new Super Track Pak for the SXT brings track-tuned performance to the V6-powered Charger. " "If you're looking for a large sedan with equal parts performance, luxury and attitude, the 2016 Dodge Charger is uniquely well qualified among today's entrants. Most rival sedans employ front-wheel drive, for one thing, whereas the Charger is unapologetically rear-wheel drive, with AWD available on V6 models only. The big Dodge is also one of the only sedans in its price range to offer V8 power, ranging from the bargain-priced R/T model to the notorious 707-horsepower Hellcat. Throw in brash styling and plenty of fun options packages, and you've got a special sedan that continues to deliver strong value in its segment." "I have a 77 mile round-trip commute in heavy traffic each day. It's not fun. My 2016 Charger has been just great for the first ~10K miles. If I take it easy, I also get 32 MPG on the open highway. The vehicle is well built, quick, secure and solid. I also feel safe in it. Importantly, it also has the necessary grunt and agility to get you out of a jamb (e.g., when an aggressive 18 wheeler or a jacked up F-250 is bearing down on you on Houston's I-45) when needed." It sounds like a handsome beast and looks good parked among the Mercedes and BMWs that the bulk of my colleagues drive (it also makes a bit of a statement that you are not following the herd). I have a few classic cars (e.g., C-2 Corvette and vintage GM muscle cars) so owning a "daily driver" with a little bit of style is important. "The 2016 Charger has it all. The only problem is that 2 of my High School boys always want to drive it (even over the old Vette, a nice King Ranch F-150 and my wife's BMW convertible). Go figure. Nice job Dodge. Keep building neat cars and I'll keep buying a new one every couple of years."Some have had the same basic Charger around for quite a while now. Engines have changed, as have transmission options, body panels and suspension. Everything except the fundamental bones and Chrysler execs have even had argued that point . Some folks decry the lack of advancement, but the Charger doesn't really need anything new. "It's possibly the best current example of the classic full-size, rear-drive American car (or AWD as the case may be), ironic considering it's made in Canada using a lot of German components by an Italian car company headquartered in Belgium. But hey, globalization."Many enjoy spending time in a Dodge Charger, whether it's a gussied-up V6 like this or a monster Hellcat. Interior furnishings can best be described as plain but effective. There's a lot of black rubber and plastic, but everything comes across as well-screwed-together and free of squeaks and rattles. "More importantly, it's easy to get comfortable, and the UConnect infotainment system that controls the stereo, phone, navigation and seat/steering wheel heat remains easy to learn and use." Don't think you're compromising by picking the V6, either. No, it's not the supercharged Hellcat V8, or even the SRT 392 "big block"; instead, it's a well-mannered, efficient engine with plenty of power even if your plans include the occasional track day. "Push the "Super Track Pack" button on the dash and make sure everything is in sport mode, and the car converts to a pretty damn good sports sedan, firing off quick shifts from the 8-speed automatic transmission and generally behaving better than a 2-ton domestic sedan has any right to do." The entire full-size sedan market is poor right now, but Dodge manages to keep moving Chargers at a decent clip. It's a throwback in the best possible sense.  "As Andy says, the Charger is part of a dying breed -- the rear-drive full-size American sedan. Sure, this Charger is actually about as American as poutine or Tim Hortons, but it’s the last dying breath of an American staple."  Chargers are not very popular today but they are coming back soon. "The Charger is considerably better at destroying tires in its Scat Pack or Hellcat trims, this stylish V6-powered SXT isn’t a slouch. Much to my surprise, engaging the launch control proved that this Charger could actually hustle – albeit much more quietly than its V8 counterparts." The tires are not the best for the car but these tires are new and improved! "Unlike the remaining sporty rear-drive American sedans, the Charger handles like a yacht on the water -- it rolls, it dives and that’s perfectly fine. The soft suspension means that this thing also absorbs bumps along the roadway without rattling your teeth loose."  The Dodge charger is unique and in style with its upgraded looks and all. "The Uconnect infotainment system might give you troubles when connecting an iPhone while using third-party media apps like Spotify or Pandora, though for those who just use MP3s and podcasts to avoid listening to the radio -- you’ll be fine. Despite the Beats Audio badging everywhere, I didn’t feel that this stereo system was much better than the one found in the regular Charger." All in all, if you are looking for a big family cruiser, and don’t want a crossover or something vintage, the Charger is a good-looking, fun-driving, decently efficient highway hauler. They say it’s good to be bad, but sometimes it’s good enough to merely look bad.  "This version of the Dodge Charger we recently tested is an excellent case in point. At a glance it could easily be taken for an R/T or even a Hellcat, with black 20-inch wheels wearing low-profile Goodyear Eagle tires, a decklid spoiler, and black accents and badges inside and out. It looks deliciously menacing: low, muscular, and mean. The key word, though, is “looks.” Renewed for 2016, the Blacktop edition is an appearance package—visual muscle, if you like—and it’s something of a bargain at $995." The looks are very stylish and all new and improved. It looks very fast and sporty. " There’s more to this particular SXT than just the bad-boy cosmetics. With optional Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar summer tires (size 245/45R-20) and sport suspension tuning, this big car has surprising agility, accurate electrically assisted power steering, and respectable grip of 0.86 g."Braking performance is about what you’d expect of a two-ton sedan 173 feet from 70 mph, albeit fade free. Understeer ramps up rapidly, and there’s a sense of large masses moving up and down at the corners of the car. On the other hand, ride quality is reasonably compliant considering the level of roll stiffness in the sport suspension, the paddle shifters respond promptly, and the eight-speed is fluid in full auto mode. This is a big sedan, with a roomy, adult-friendly back seat—we also had no trouble fitting both a forward-facing and a backward-facing child seat—and its trunk is generous, even if it’s only about average for the segment." Other extras on the test car included the Plus Group (heated and ventilated power front seats, leather, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel, heated side mirrors, and HID projector-beam headlights, and navigation. "At $37,360 as tested, this Charger is a lot of car for the money. If looking bad is good enough, look no further."

Creative Content

My creative content will be creating a commercial for advertising the 2016 Dodge Charger. I will be creating a storyboard for it and include a script to go along with it. I would film it at Towbin Dodge Superstore and ask permission to film at that location, but since it is a long process and i do not have time for that then I will be just creating a storyboard and script on what my commercial will say and what my shots will look like.

The Big Idea

"Dodge vehicles are bred for performance, and the Dodge Charger carries on that lineage. From heart-pounding power to unexpected efficiency, it makes for one unforgettable ride" 
"Available 707-HP Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® SRT Hellcat V8 Engine"
"Available Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking"